Explore Census 2021 data for counties, unitary councils and London boroughs

The first outputs from Census 2021 are here. We have developed a Census 2021 Local Insight site to showcase these datasets for counties, unitary councils and London boroughs.

What data is available to explore?

ONS have published 63 datasets, details of which are available here.

All of these datasets have been added to Local Insight. The Census 2021 Local Insight site includes 25 of these:

  • All people 
  • People by 5 year age groups (19 datasets)
  • All Females 
  • All Males 
  • Population Density (Persons per hectare)
  • Communal establishment residents
  • Household residents

We have also included the 2011 counterparts for each of these datasets for easy comparison between 2011 and 2021 data.

We are also displaying some additional datasets for benchmarking purposes:

  • Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019 (IMD) Score
  • Unemployment benefit (JSA and Universal Credit) 
  • Children aged 0-15 in relative low-income families
  • Pensioners in poverty (Pension Credit)
  • Average house price

This is a small selection of the 1,100 datasets available in Local Insight, all managed and maintained by us. 

How to use the site

There is a full user guide available, which covers all aspects of the tool. There is also some initial information to get you started below.

Visit the Census 2021 Local Insight site.

Viewing Census 2021 data on the map

  • Use the Data icon on the left hand side of the screen
  • Clicking on the Census 2021 theme will display the list of datasets
  • By clicking on the chevron for each dataset, you will see the 2011 counterpart
  • Clicking on a dataset will load the data on to the map
  • As the data is published at local authority level only, you will not be able to zoom in to view data for smaller areas.

Shows how to find census data on Local Insight

Viewing Census 2021 data on the dashboards

  • Navigate to the Dashboard tab
  • The dashboard shows selected indicators across the top and a list of area on the left-hand side
  • You can customise which datasets appear on the dashboard through the Data icon on the left and selecting the ‘Census 2021’ theme.

Shows a selection of Census 2021 indicators for counties on a dashboard

Viewing data for specific areas

You can view data for specific areas on both the Map and Dashboard.


  • Use the Areas icon on the left-hand side of the screen and use the search bar to find the area you are interested in
  • Clicking on your area will load the area boundary on your map, which you can then overlay Census 2021 data on.

Shows the boundary for Cambridgeshire on a map overlaid with data


  • Navigate to the Dashboard tab
  • You can customise which areas appear on the dashboard through the Areas icon on the left and selecting the areas you are interested in.

Access to more data and reports for your areas

If you would like to find out more about Local Insight and how it can help you access the data you need for the neighbourhoods you care about, get in touch for a demo.

We will show you how you can:

  • Be confident that you and your team are using up-to-date data
  • Define your neighbourhoods and areas as they really are within Local Insight
  • Easily map, compare and reports on your local communities
  • Share information across your team, organisation and local partners.

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