Investing in Communities across Hertfordshire

The Mapping Deprivation in Hertfordshire study, undertaken for the economic partnership Hertfordshire Prosperity, was commissioned to identify vital areas and themes for potential development in the County. The project was funded by the East of England Development Agency as part of their Investing in Communities (IiC) 10 year regeneration programme.

Our approach
The report and analysis is extremely useful in our Accessibility Planning, helping us review and plan servicesJudy Cameron-Rollo, Environment Department, Hertfordshire County CouncilOCSI provided in-depth analysis of information from small area social and economic deprivation datasets. The report examined income, employment, education and skills, crime, health, barriers to housing and services and quality of the environment at small area local level.The report also focused on the impact of Hertfordshire’s proximity to London on affordable housing, crime levels and environment quality; as well as specific issues facing the Hertfordshire post-war New Towns.Datasets analysed included the Indices of Deprivation 2004 and data from key government sources including the Department for Work and Pensions, Home Office, Department of Health and the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister. Additionally, OCSI collated and analysed a wide range of datasets held by local partners across the County, for example looking at patterns in crime data at small area level.
Comprehensive and detailed analysis supported by a well-structured report and evidence baseDebbie Akehurst, Programme Manager, Hertfordshire ProsperityAlthough the Hertfordshire economy is doing extremely well, and overall levels of deprivation are low, there are areas and communities experiencing significantly higher deprivation and exclusion issues.OCSI’s research helped Hertfordshire’s economic partnership strengthen the business case for IiC programme resources. Hertfordshire Prosperity will use the study to pave the way for future community projects; targeting IiC funds where they are most needed to address social and economic deprivation across the County.

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