The Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration (Data4NR) site identified and signposted datasets available for targeting, monitoring, priority setting and performance management at neighbourhood level.

Data4NR was commissioned by The Neighbourhood Renewal Analysis Division at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The project is no longer updated, but if you are interested in seeing the collection of resources we compiled back in 2012 you can see them on the Data4NR website.


The early impact of COVID-19 on ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods

Analysis of the early impacts of COVID-19 has shown that there are drastic differences between different groups and communities, including

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Widespread rises in unemployment rates show the economic impact of COVID-19

The unemployment claimant count data (released 19th May) provides a strong indication of the early economic impacts of COVID-19. Released

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Which local labour markets are most at risk?

The RSA has published an excellent analysis piece, which has revealed that in some Local Authorities more than one-in-three jobs are at

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