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High quality research, data and analysis for public and community sector organisations, helping you make better decisions – decisions that contribute to the public good.

We have an unwavering commitment to improving social outcomes and delivering a trusted service in partnership with our clients

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Who we are

Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) is a spin-out research consultancy from the Social Disadvantage Research Centre at the University of Oxford.

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What we do

We are experts in open data, research and analysis. We provide services that use open data and technology to make a difference in the public sector.

Local Insight

Helping local authorities turn data into knowledge and stories

Community Insight

Combines GIS mapping technologies and open data to provide instant community profiles.

Data Packs

Key datasets and rich visualisations designed to load straight into local information systems.

Indices of deprivation

We are the team behind the 2015 Indices of Deprivation.

Who we work with

We work with local, regional, national and international organisations from a range of sectors.

To see a full list of who we work with, take a look at Our Clients page.



Using energy efficiency of buildings data to better target fuel poverty programmes

  Local Insight provides the underlying contextual information of any place and the people that live there, so that decisions


Mind the gap! Visualising small area housing affordability data | Part two

    Last month Colin Wojtowycz of Datawoj Ltd shared some of his knowledge and experience of using data visualisation


Mind the gap! Visualising small area housing affordability data | Part one

    Back in April we blogged about some new data on housing affordability. These were a series of datasets