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Our team are experts in neighbourhood level data. We:

  • Apply knowledge and understanding of knowledge about neighbourhoods
  • Bring together the strategic big picture as well as the local detail
  • Identify important issues and patterns from large datasets
  • Produce evidence-based, robust measure of need

Take a look at some of our standard services. If you would like to enquire about a bespoke project, please get in touch.

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Data downloads

Place-based open data in CSV format for any topic and geographies of your choice.

  • Flexibility in indicator selection: Tell us which indicators you want to include or we can curate a selection for you based on theme
  • All metadata: Including description, source and time point
  • Data for any geography: Data for any area type you are interested in – whether that is wards, parishes, parliamentary constituencies or something more bespoke
  • One-off, quarterly and annual updates: Options for regular updates to ensure you are always using the most up-to-date information

Prices start at £400 +VAT.

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Area profile reports

A standard report covering a range of socio-economic themes.

  • Data, charts and commentary: Covering vulnerable groups, population, health, housing, local economy, crime, education, communities and access to services
  • Data for any geography: Each report contains data for a primary area and two comparator areas of your choice
  • Map image and area definition: You will receive an image of the primary area requested as well as the standard area codes used to create your area
  • Offers for multiple areas and updates: We can offer discounts for those that would like regular updates or reports for multiple areas

Prices start at £550 +VAT

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Area needs analysis

Identify the key issues and challenges for any area with our bespoke area needs analysis reports.

The project includes:

  • Agreeing a set of themes and geographic coverage: We work with you to understand and determine your priorities for the report
  • Curating a list of suggested indicators: Based on your objectives, we will provide a list of suggested indicators that are most relevant to you
  • Producing data for required areas: We can provide data for a range of area types and can suggest interesting breakdowns including; local authority, major towns, rural/urban areas, neighbourhood areas and benchmark areas
  • Analysis of the data: We will provide a high-level story including the areas facing the most acute challenges, which areas fare better or worse in absolute and relative terms, areas with multiple challenges, hidden pockets of need
  • Producing charts and data visualisations
  • A physical and/or digital copy of the report and all underlying data

Prices start at £8000 +VAT, with annual updates from £3000 +VAT.

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Creating new measures to identify need

Develop a composite indicator to identify need on a specific theme or challenge.

  • Consultation to understand the challenges you would like to measure
  • A review of the open data landscape to identify relevant metrics, including a justification of whether they are robust enough to include in a measure
  • Recommendations for a methodology to standardise, weight and combine the indicators
  • Production of an index for the requested area type (eg, LSOA or Ward)

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Community Needs Index analysis for your area

We have developed a Community Needs Index that looks at the social and cultural factors that can impact upon people’s outcomes. While this is a national measure, we also offer more detailed analysis for local areas.

The project includes:

  • A deep dive into the community needs for your areas: What are the drivers, which areas are most impacted and what is the relationship between community need and deprivation
  • Analysis of the underlying component indicators of the Community Needs Index: To determine whether there are particular indicators contributing to high community need
  • The relationship between the different dimensions of Community Need
  • Analysis of any left-behind neighbourhoods within your area: To understand the particular challenges they face

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Identifying benchmark areas for programme evaluation

Measure the impact of your programme through comparing data with similar benchmark areas.

Our programme evaluation support includes:

  • Identifying benchmark areas: We select areas that are statistically similar to your program in terms of socio-economic characteristics, population size, deprivation levels, and geographic location.
  • Selecting evaluation metrics: We identify metrics that are consistently available over time and at a suitable geographic level, to measure the performance of your program.
  • Trend analysis: We analyse the overall performance of your programme and compare it with benchmark areas. Our analysis helps you identify specific areas that performed better or worse than their benchmark areas.

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