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We combine expertise in research and technology to support organisations working for social good to make evidence-based decisions

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Research services

Our team are experts in neighbourhood level data. We:

  • Apply knowledge and understanding of knowledge about neighbourhoods
  • Bring together the strategic big picture as well as the local detail
  • Identify important issues and patterns from large datasets
  • Produce evidence-based, robust measure of need

Find out more about the services we offer and ways we can work together.

Research services


Local Insight

Local Insight provides instant access to place-based neighbourhood level data for the areas that matter most to you.

Local Insight isn’t just software. Our team of expert researchers are here to provide you with full support in understanding and interpreting the data.

With a subscription to Local Insight you can:

  • Feel confident that your team are using the most up-to-date data available
  • Define your neighbourhoods and areas exactly as theyare
  • Easily map, compare and report on your communities
  • Share information seamlessly across your organisation and with your partners

We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions based on robust data.

Local Insight

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Left behind neighbourhoods

Our research on left behind neighbourhoods suggests that when multiply deprived areas lack places to meet, an engaged community and proper connectivity, they fare much worse than other deprived neighbourhoods.

Our ongoing work with Local Trust includes developing a quantitative measure of left behind neighbourhoods using open data and developing a Community Needs Index for the first time.

Left behind neighbourhoods