Local Insight: Public sites

Share information across your team, organisation and local partners

Local Insight public sites:

  • Make it easier to reach wider audiences
  • Reduce the admin overhead of setting up users
  • Are easy to use for non technical people
  • Are excellent value for money

Public sites are used by councils, charities and grantmakers to provide quick and easy access to community data.

Take a look at some existing sites below.


Public sites are an optional upgrade to a Local Insight subscription

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Data analysis

Understanding the relationship between social vulnerability and exposure to flood risk

Floods are a significant concern in agriculture, civil engineering and public health….

Data analysis

Research for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for ‘left-behind’ neighbourhoods

Local Trust and OCSI developed a quantitative measure of left-behind neighbourhoods using…

Data analysis

List of ‘left-behind’ neighbourhoods

  OCSI and Local Trust have developed a quantitative measure of ‘left-behind’…

Data analysis

Census 2021 – East of England has seen the largest population increase

We are very excited to report that the first datasets from Census…