Local Insight

Following the success of Community Insight, we have launched Local Insight, a lightweight community mapping and reporting tool for local authorities and community organisations. Local Insight gives you up-to-date open data and analysis matched to the areas that you work in.


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  • Map your services and create custom areas:

    Upload the location of your services and see these mapped against key social and economic indicators. Set up your local areas – such as wards, CCG areas and neighbourhood plans – by drawing on a map, and get in depth profile reports for these bespoke areas at a click of a button.


  • Be confident in the data you are using: 

    All the data in Local Insight is updated and managed by us. You don’t need to worry about keeping indicators up to date, that is our job! We aim to have new data loaded into the site within 2 days of release, sooner if we have the release date in advance. You can be confident that the data you are using is the most recent available and spend your time using the data, rather than managing it.

  • Securely upload your own data: 

    Overlay your own organisational data on the the maps through our simple uploading tool.

  • Accessible to all in your organisation: 

    Local Insight is an intuitive and easy to use tool for everybody from Commissioners to Community Development Workers – you don’t need to be a statistician to gain useful insights about the communities that you work in.


Local Insight Users


You can see more over on the Who We Work With page.

Local Insight is already making a difference to Brighton & Hove City Council. They shared with us the challenges they were facing and their experiences with Local Insight, have a read to find out more.

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