Local Insight


More than 1000 neighbourhood indicators


Explore data through maps, reports, dashboards


Create any area you like, how you like


Upload your own data to the tool

Power up your data toolkit and access the data you need for the neighbourhoods you care about with Local Insight

Designed for councils, grantmakers and charities

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Be confident that you and your team are using consistent and up-to-date data

Local Insight holds more than 1000 neighbourhood level indicators from over 50 different sources – and this is continually growing.

  • New data regularly added to Local Insight, including indicators developed by the OCSI team
  • OCSI manage and maintain all data in Local Insight, with updates live within a working week of release
  • Your central hub for all place-based data

Define your neighbourhoods and areas as they really are within Local Insight

Statistical geographies, such as Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are useful – but they don’t tend to relate to meaningful communities.

  • Use Local Insight to create the neighbourhoods and communities you care about, exactly as you understand them
  • Define your neighbourhoods through drawing a boundary on a map, importing a shapefile, a list of postcodes and building areas from statistical geographies
  • Create your area once and we will calculate data for your bespoke neighbourhood, ready to use again and again

Easily map, compare and report on your local communities

Quickly and easily find the information you need, in the format you need it. The wide range of visualisations means there is something for everyone.


  • Maps to view a range of indicators and highlight areas in need, at a national, local and super-local level
  • Dashboards to compare the areas you care about quickly and easily on a number of factors
  • Reports to take an in-depth look at one of your communities
  • Data downloads to take a look at the raw data and run your own analysis

Share information across your team, organisation and local partners

Local Insight is easy to use, so you don’t need to be a statistician to gain useful insights about your neighbourhoods.

  • Share information on your key projects and services by adding your own locally held data to your group.
  • Use visuals, data, charts and reports in your own presentations, publications and funding bids.
  • Public-facing sites mean even more people can access the data they need about their local areas, without any admin overhead for you.

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