Local Economic Monitor helps understand local-level economic trends and drivers

Public organisations increasingly need to understand local-level economic trends and drivers. To address this need, OCSI in partnership with GeoWise have developed the Local Economic Monitor (www.local-economic-monitor.org) to:

  • monitor key economic indicators for all English local authorities, showing the impact of recent trends;
  • visualise time series data, including change over recent periods;
  • present fully updated datasets, showing the latest available information from a range of government sources.

Get a closer look

Interested in micro-level trends below the level of districts? Please contact us to discuss obtaining a similar interactive report presenting key economic indicators at a more detailed neighbourhood level, updated monthly. We can host this report for you or, if you prefer, we can email it to you, to host on your intranet or public website.

We can also supply data in ready-to-use packs, including an Economic Monitor Pack, and an Economic Assessment Duty Pack aimed at supporting Local Authorities to develop local economic assessments. Please see our web-page on Data and Report packs for more details.

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