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This year we celebrate our 20th birthday. While the heart of what we do at OCSI remains the same – we have evolved, grown and modernised over the years. So we thought it was about time our look better reflected who we are and our future direction. 

We have bid a fond farewell to the Oxford Spires in our logo. We have replaced them with three overlapping rings to symbolise the interconnectedness of the places, the people and the data we work with.

During this process we took the opportunity to think about our identity and the services we provide to our clients. It was a chance for all voices across the company to be heard and to input into our collective future direction. 

While there won’t be huge changes to what we do or how we do it (although there was once talk of setting up an OCSI farm….), we will of course be refining and improving our services to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of our clients.

We will continue to provide research, data and analysis for social good, both through our products (such as Local Insight) and our Research Services. Alongside this, we will continue to provide personalised and personable support to all our clients and partners, equipping them with the information they need to make better informed decisions for their stakeholders. 

At OCSI, we value a fulfilling working environment for all members of our team and strive to make OCSI a great place to work and grow, through development opportunities (such as our Personal Research scheme and individual training funds) and promoting a decent work-life balance (through generous holiday allowances, flexible working and actively discouraging long hours). 

Essentially, we are committed to doing work we are proud of (if that isn’t too corny!), albeit with a fresh new look.


Let’s see what the next 20 years bring!

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