Community Needs Index used to allocate funding for Know your Neighbourhood Fund

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The government has confirmed the launch of the Know Your Neighbourhood (KYN) Fund, a £29 million package of funding designed to widen participation in volunteering and tackle loneliness in 27 disadvantaged areas across England.

We are thrilled to see our research being used to allocate funding to areas with high-needs. The government used our Community Needs Index, which assesses the strength of civil society and community factors,  to identify high-need areas.  Alongside this, the Index of Multiple Deprivation (which we updated on behalf of government in 2019) has been used to identify areas based on local economy factors.

£14 million of funding will be delivered by UK Community Foundations (UKCF) and a consortium of local community foundations across 9 local authority areas. We work with a number of community foundations through our platform Local Insight as well as bespoke needs analysis and we are excited to see their progress with this funding stream.

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