Data4nr supports open is part of the drive to open up access to government data, and has just gone live with a sneak-preview for developers. The site provides a single online point of access for government-held public data, helping you “locate the data you need, share ideas about what to do with it, and show others the great visualisations and applications you’ve made”.

The Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration (Data4nr) service run by OCSI (on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government) is supporting, with the 1,000+ datasets and metadata on Data4nr providing the initial set of information for the developer launch. Regular updates are also provided using the Data4nr open data machine readable ‘feeds’.

September 2010 update: is now the first point of call for government datasets, has more than 3,000 datasets, and a host of apps using the data.

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