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Common resource allocation framework

ADASS and partners have released a series of documents aimed at supporting councils with the implementation of Putting People First. This is based on work was carried out during 2009 involving 18 councils. The common resource allocation framework includes policy advice to support implementation, including advice on resource allocation and the law, and a set of practical resource allocation tools. The aim of a resource allocation system (RAS) linked to the allocation of personal budgets is to provide a clear and rational way to calculate how much money a person is likely to need to arrange support. At this stage it is suggested that a RAS should be kept relatively simple. The RAS should focus on ensuring that people who are eligible for social care support can meet their on-going needs, rather than incorporating funds for costs associated with things like early intervention, enablement, information and advice services, and support planning. Other funding streams need not be included.

The documents can be accessed at .

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