Planning4care identified by Audit Commission “Planning for an ageing population” toolkit

The Audit Commission “Under pressure – Tackling the financial challenge for councils of an ageing population” study highlighted that local authorities are ‘not prepared’ for an ageing population. The report also identified that most councils do not know enough about the costs of their ageing population, and that opportunities could be missed for savings flowing from preventive services and other ways of delivering services.

Planning4care was identified as part of the essential toolkit to help local councils and PCTs better prepare for the financial challenges of an ageing population. The Audit Commission website identifies that “Planning4care helps local councils, primary care trusts and care providers understand their future health and social care needs and service requirements under various planning scenarios. This enables them, working with other local partners, to make informed decisions about future commissioning plans and resource allocation.” For further information, see:

For more information on the Planning4care strategic planning tool, see the Planning4care website and blog, register for a demonstration, or download an information pack.

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