Planning4care Learning Disability and Mental Health tools launched

OCSI and Care Equation have recently launched the Planning4care Mental Health (MH)  and Learning Disability (LD) tools providing the intelligence that MH and LD service commissioners and providers need to improve service planning and delivery.

The tools and methodology have been piloted with six Planning4care users – Essex, Derbyshire, North East Lincolnshire, Rochdale, North Tyneside and Bolton – and provide:

  • credible evidence on needs and costs for planning and commissioning MH and LD services
  • locally sensitive baselines and projections of demand for services by MH and LD groups
  • modelled cost and service implications based on adjustable scenarios of demand and service patterns
  • outputs that translate directly into quantifiable service requirements
  • tools designed for easy access by users,  that are practically robust and require a manageable amount of data input.

Please contact us if you are interested  in finding out more on how Planning4care can help Mental Health and Learning Disability service commissioners and providers in your area, sign-up for demonstration access to the tool and data at, or download the information pack for more information.

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