Healthy Communities 2010 – Creating A People-Centred Service

Social care and health commissioners cannot afford to miss out on the potential savings that can flow from closer partnership working and “upstream” investment in preventative services and alternative technologies, e.g. early intervention, reablement, telecare.

The Planning4care team are running a master class at the Healthy Communities 2010 conference, on how local partners can develop and use evidence on population need and the impact of preventative care to make more informed decisions about future commissioning and resource allocation. The master class will:

  • Explore gaps affecting joint planning and outline emerging evidence of impact of different types of preventative services
  • Model potential effects of prevention on costs and services at a local level (including powerful future planning scenarios)
  • Present work in progress with local partners on modelling impact of specific local interventions

Details of the conference:

  • Date: Thursday 7th October, 2010
  • Location: Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London
  • Website and booking:

We hope you can join us there! If you are coming to the conference, and would like to arrange a demonstration of Planning4care for your local area, please contact the Planning4care team on 01273 201 316, or email

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