Impact of the 2011/12 adult social care returns

The Health and Social Care Information Centre published a number of provisional data on adult social care activities this month. These record some important, though unsurprising changes that have taken place in 2011-12.

Click here to find out more about the data published.

Key points:

  • The number of people receiving council supported services in 2011-12 was 1.5m (down 7% from 2010-11 and down 17% from 2006-07), in spite of the increased need resulting from demographic changes and other factors.
  • The number of service users receiving self directed support was 527,000 (up 40% from 2010-11). Of these, 139,000 received a direct payment (up 11% from 2010-11).
  • The number of carers receiving services was 362,000 (down 5% from 2010-11 but up 15% from 2006-07).

Click here to view the final data from the adult social care survey published.

Data from the survey is used to populate a number of the outcome framework indicators (ASCOF) measures, with provisional data also published here.

As data is published for local areas, we will include into Planning4care.

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