DataBridge – helping communities use open data

We are very excited to be collaborating on the DataBridge project, exploring how communities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises can make use of open data, explore it, combine it with their own information, and use it in funding bids, improving services, influencing, proving need etc.

DataBridge is run by the tireless Jo Ivens, with support from OCSI and the Brighton CVS Forum.

OCSI are working with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors to:

  • identify relevant data
  • ask the right questions to get manageable and relevant results
  • add in their own data to help improve evidence
  • get a usable product to help their organisation
  • identify gaps in data and gaps in knowledge about using data

We’ll post more up here from the project over the next couple of months, also worth keeping an eye on the blog.

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