Numberhood – local stats in your pocket

We are really pleased to launch our Numberhood smartphone app – ‘local stats in your pocket’ (iTunes). Although there are lots of sources of data on local areas, we felt that none really does the job of providing easy-to-use summary information across the range of important issues. And we thought we could have a go rather than just talking about it, hence Numberhood.

Numberhood shows how your local area fares on the important issues – the economy, unemployment, education, health, crime, housing and community strength. Data is shown for key issues and indicators, with data charts and descriptions to help you understand patterns and trends.

Key features include:

  • Data for all Local Authorities in England, allowing you to compare your area with others, and explore trends over time
  • Data visuals include line-charts, bar-charts and tables
  • Text description of the key data features for every area
  • Free download for the Overview theme, with in-app purchase to access all ten themes and 80+ indicators
  • Regular updates to the data.

Possible users of Numberhood include:

  • Local communities, e.g. needing evidence on the local economy, jobs, skills base and so on to challenge local service delivery, support inward business investment etc.
  • Councillors, MPs and officers in public sector organisations, e.g. wanting up-to-the-minute data on the local area to set priorities, identifying how the local area fares on outcomes against other areas (current position and recent trends), and commissioning local services.
  • Researchers and students: quantitative summary of the local area, in comparison with other areas.
  • House-movers: Wanting info on the local area they are moving into.

All data is based on public sources (details of all indicators are provided in the app), and use the and open data systems run by government.

Numberhood is currently available for iPhone/ iPad from the App Store, with Android and Blackberry versions in future. The free app covers 11 headline indicators, with an in-app purchase (£1.49p half price introductory offer) opening up 70 more indicators.

For more info see or download from the App Store.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any comments on Numberhood, suggestions for improvement, or queries about the data or functionality – email/ call us on or +44 1273 201 345.

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