“Data Engagement and LIS” talk from IA Conference

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been speaking about “Data Engagement and Local Information Systems” at the InstantAtlas User Conferences that took place in Rochdale and London. It was great to meet so many InstantAtlas and Data Pack users, and we hope the talk was a useful one. For those interested, the slides are below – click here to download them from Slideshare and to view slide notes for more context.

For more information about Data Engagement, have a look at Tim Davies’ blogpost.

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  1. […] Graham Cally (@exmosis part of @OCSI_uk 10) jumped up next to talk about Data Engagement as a developed process rather than a phrase which has so far been quite loosely thrown around. For me it was one of the highlights of the day. He appeared to have spent some time at UKGovCamp pondering this with others and they had identified some principles for quality data engagement. I think the idea seems really positive and as I won’t do it true justice I’ll simply repeat the five principles and then ask you to go-and-read the corresponding OCSI blog post: […]

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