Census local area data lands in November

Date for Census 2011 Second release (local area data)

The next release of 2011 Census data, including total population and household estimates for wards and output areas is scheduled for 23 November 2012.

This will be followed by a release of Key Statistics and Quick Statistics tables (105 tables) at Output Area level and other standard geographies. This is likely to be published by the end of November but the date is still to be confirmed. We will update this news item once the date is confirmed. Click here for latest news.

New Census 2011 data published: Usual residents with second addresses.

New census data has been released by ONS. The release covers the number of residents who reported having second addresses outside the local authority in which they were usually resident. These estimates are classified by sex, broad age group and type of second address. Data is available here.

2011 Census Population and Household Estimates for England and Wales – unrounded estimates

Unrounded estimates of the population figures provided in the census first release, relating to total population and household populations, have been published. These figures were previously rounded to the nearest 100. Data is available here.

2011 Census based Mid Year Estimates and Subnational Population Projections published

ONS have published Mid Year Estimates (MYEs) for June 2011. The MYEs incorporate results from the 2011 Census, updated to the mid-year reference date (June). Estimates for older MYEs will also be revised in line with the 2011 Census to ensure the availability of a consistent time series. Data is available here.

ONS have also published interim Sub-National Population Projections based on the updated MYEs, which project the population forward using a set of demographic assumptionsbased on the last five years of local trends for fertility, mortality and migration rates. Data is available here.

Census geography

The first release of the boundaries and other geography reference datasets are planned to be available for electronic download through the ONS website on Tuesday 30 October. These reference datasets include:

  • digital boundaries for the modified set of output areas (OA), super output areas (SOA) lookup files to enable linkage between the 2001 and 2011 output and super output areas
  • lookup files from the 2011 output areas to a number of 2011 Census output geographies
  • a number of other digital spatial and lookup files.

This includes the modified output areas and super output areas. This timetable will allow geography reference data to be loaded into systems before the Census statistical release for local areas (see below). Note, definitions for non standard geographies including workplace zones, rural/urban boundaries, settlements and enumeration postcodes will be published in a second release in January 2013. Click here for latest news.

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