OCSI Review: Changes in housing tenure across England and Wales

Following the release of the 2011 Census data in December 2012, we are producing a series of ‘reviews’ that provide an overview of the data and key stories.

Source [ONS-Census 2011]

The first in the series focuses on changes in housing tenure, highlighting two key changes over the decade; the scale of the shift from council-owned social housing to housing associations, and the confirmation of the rise of private renting, balancing the fall in owner occupied housing.

The review provides an analysis of the data, outlining key patterns and shifts in housing tenure over the last decade, at national, regional and local level. The analysis compares 2011 Census data (published December 11th 2012) to the 2001 Census.

Download our housing tenure review here.

More detailed neighbourhood-level data from the Census will be published January 31st 2013. This data will be loaded into the Community Insight tool for housing providers, jointly developed by OCSI and HACT the Housing Action Charity.

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