OCSI to help Great Yarmouth tackle deprivation

Partners across Great Yarmouth need a clear picture of the priorities for programmes tackling deprivation, and an understanding of what interventions will produce the best outcomes in addressing social exclusion and inequality.

OCSI, partnering with Holden McAlister, have therefore, been commissioned to design and develop a set of recommendations for action by local partners. To arrive at this outcome they will:

  • Further develop the evidence base already gathered at local level on the extent of inequality and social exclusion, including both spatial and thematic analysis
  • Identify appropriate examples from existing policy research of ‘what works’ in tackling inequality
  • Direct local partners in Great Yarmouth towards effective, evidence based, policy interventions
  • Provide organisations across the borough with the basis for long-term planning for programmes addressing social exclusion and inequality.

In doing this, the partnership will reach the following objectives:

  1. To map existing relevant people based regeneration activity particularly focussed on worklessness, skills and enterprise in Great Yarmouth including level of investment, activities, method and location of delivery, client group and targets for the following programmes: Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF), Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI), Neighbourhood Management, Arts, Safer & Stronger Communities, Sure Start, Voluntary Sector, Investing in Communities Programme, Adult and Community Learning/Personal and Community Development Learning
  2. To highlight duplication in existing activity
  3. To determine whether current activity fits the economic and regeneration priorities, and needs of Great Yarmouth particularly in the context of funding streams such as LEGI, WNF, IIC and the LAA
  4. To highlight gaps in activity in relation to the needs for Great Yarmouth
  5. To demonstrate, where there is, alignment between funding streams
  6. To identify and cost projects / programmes to meet the needs of Great Yarmouth building on national evidence based best practice. This will enable ‘off the shelf’ projects to be put forward to deliver against Great Yarmouth’s needs as part of the LAA.

This research will give the Great Yarmouth LSP to gain a clear understanding of the current programmes of activity that are targeted to tackling deprivation in the borough, and to put the Partnership in a position to inform and shape the future priorities of the Norfolk Local Area Agreement (LAA) and to maximise the use of ‘single pot’ funding.

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