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The green paper consultation, which closed on the 14th November, received 28,500 responses. There was strong sector support for the comprehensive model under which every pensioner who could afford it would pay 17-20,000 into an insurance fund and receive personal care in return,  but also widespread concern that green paper proposals not credible without the financial modelling data to underpin it.  ADASS supports the comprehensive model but ” is not convinced that the fifth ‘tax-funded’  option should be ruled out without further consideration.”

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Queen’ speech – free personal care at home

The governments’s proposal to provide free home care for people with the high needs appears to cut across the green paper consultation options. In total, the Bill proposes to help around 400,000 people, including 280,000 with the highest needs and 130,000 who need home care for the first time to regain their independence. The cost would be £670m per year (of which £130m on re-ablement). The Department of Health would provide £420m with the rest coming from council efficiency savings. ADASS has welcomed the proposal and the promise of additional money but expressed concern about the feasibility of achieving the remaining £250m through efficiency savings. There have been mixed reactions in the press with Labour being accused of electioneering, lack of proper impact assessment and weakening the green paper.

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