Census 2011 release update

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The 2011 Census geography prospectus has now been released, setting out what will be published and when. The prospectus gives details of the output geographies that will be supported and outlines the shape-files and look up tables.

The reference data includes:

  • digital boundaries for the modified set of output areas (OA), super output areas (SOA) and the new workplace zones (WZ)
  • lookup files to enable linkage between the 2001 and 2011 output and super output areas (ONS insiders have suggested that perhaps 5% of the old OAs and SOAs have changed)
  • lookup files from the 2011 output areas to a number of 2011 Census output geographies (a key point is that data for most geographies including wards and parishes will be approximated by a ‘best-fit’ from Output Area data)
  • a number of other digital spatial and lookup files.

Most output areas to higher area look up tables will be published in October 2012, including all standard geographies, such as: wards, parish, parliamentary constituency, old LSOA to new LSOA etc….

Other Non-standard geographies, including settlements, rural and urban will be released in January 2013.

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