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Sasha Taylor modelling the latest in BlueLightCamp leisurewear

Sasha Taylor modelling the latest in BlueLightCamp leisurewear (photo @markbraggins)

BlueLightCamp lands this weekend, following the same unconference format as UK GovCamp and CityCamp Brighton but focused on working with Blue Light services (aka police, fire, ambulance etc). If you’re anywhere near Manchester, it should be an excellent & inspiring couple of days. [And still a handful of tickets left from].

We wanted to support in some way, after seeing how successful Govcamp and CityCamp were at bringing together the mix of experience, skills & energy needed to think about new ways to tackle big problems. We could have paid for the pizzas (I sure hope someone does). But then decided to try a different type of fuel for the hack day by bringing together blue-light related open datasets we could lay our hands on. As many government open datasets are not yet available via API, we’ve compiled the data from our Data4nr tool and OCSI Data Store. And look forward to seeing how the information is used over the weekend!

Event website at, and twitter hashtag is #ukblc13.

More details of the event:

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