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A big congratulations are in order for Jamie Whyte and the rest of the team at Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab – recent (and well deserved) winners of the Innovative Access to Public Services Award at iNetwork’s Innovation Awards 2015

We always keep a close eye on what the Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab are up to. The lab was established by Trafford Council and, in their own words, “is essentially a multi-organisation, multi-discipline data lab” that has come together to think and work on specific problems within Trafford that they think better or different use of data can help with.

Their work with open data to improve their communities strikes a chord with us at OCSI. With an emphasis on data-driven decisions, the Lab has worked on projects from identifying those most likely to need help in warming their homes to determining priority locations for automated external defibrillators. They have also been doing some very interesting work to improve screening rates for cervical cancer in Trafford, we’re looking forward to a blog post on that one!

We are proud to be able to support this fantastic work they are doing through providing them with our Data Packs.



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