Creating data profiles for GambleAware

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We are excited to start work on a project with GambleAware to create ‘regional and local area gambling harms data profiles.’

GambleAware is an independent, grant-making charity commissioning prevention and treatment services across England, Scotland and Wales in partnership with expert organisations and agencies, including the NHS, across three areas:

  • Commissioning the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS)
  • Producing public health campaigns on a national scale and providing practical support to local services
  • Commissioning research and evaluation to improve knowledge of what works in prevention.

A key part of GambleAware’s strategy is to support local areas and systems to work together to address gambling related harm. This includes engaging with local authorities and regions, so they have a better understanding of gambling harms and associated impacts in their area. The data profiles  will help build an evidence base to engage with MPs, local authorities, local government and public health bodies. 

The area profiles for each locality in Great Britain  will provide a detailed overview of:

  • gambling harms prevalence
  • usage and reported demand for treatment and support
  • key demographic differences
  • economic impact of gambling

These will be produced for parliamentary constituencies, upper tier local authorities and regions.

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