Community Insight

Your stock

Map your housing stock for quick analysis


Generate in-depth reports at a click of a button


Create any neighbourhood or patch you like


More than 1150 small area indicators

Gain a deeper understanding of your local communities and areas 

Developed in partnership with HACT for Housing Associations

It’s easy to use

You define an area you are interested in and the community data you need is automatically calculated for your neighbourhood. The area might be as big as a local authority or as small as a street. It’s as simple as that.

It’s quick to use

You can generate an in-depth report about your chosen local community or build a data dashboard in just 10 minutes.


It will save you money

Housing associations across the UK are using Community Insight to identify how they can invest their money for the best outcomes for their communities. It will reduce the amount of time you spend on business planning, confident in the knowledge that the data you’re using is up-to-date.