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Proposal to provide free personal care at home prove controversial

Government estimates of the funding required to provide free personal care for elderly people with high levels of need have “significantly underestimated the true costs involved’ according to the results of a survey carried out by ADASS. According to the ADASS survey the true cost of the policy could be a minimum of £1 billion, with the overall cost to local authorities rising to more than twice the £250 million originally calculated by Central Government.  In total, the Bill proposes to help around 400,000 people, including 280,000 with the highest needs and 130,000 who need home care for the first time to regain their independence. The government calculates the cost to be £670m per year (of which £130m on re-ablement), of which £420m would be provided through DH, with the rest coming from council efficiency savings.

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