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Local authorities ‘not prepared’ for ageing population says the Audit Commission

Councils face the challenge of an ageing population as public spending reduces, but a new report from the Audit Commission says most councils do not know enough about the costs of their ageing population. They may also miss the savings that could flow from preventive services and better work with other organisations.

The Audit Commission said the £9bn a year social care bill will double by 2026 if current practices continue and that councils needed to look at new and innovative ways to provide services, particularly by embracing technology. Michael O’Higgins, the chairman of the commission, said: “There are huge financial pressures on councils in the years ahead, but designing services and exploiting technology can make them better, more efficient and more personal.”

Planning4care has contributed a case study to  an audit commission overview of support tools available to support councils in their forward planning, which will follow the publication of the main report.

Under pressure – Tackling the financial challenge for councils of an ageing population

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