Get data for any geographies with Data Packs

Data Packs provide a very rich range of national and benchmark data for local authorities and neighbourhoods over time. Importantly, we provide data for any areas you want, including:

  • All standard administrative geographies, from Output Areas, parishes and wards to regional and national data.
  • Absolutely any local custom areas you define, for example local priority neighbourhoods, 2004 wards, local service delivery areas, fire station boundaries, school catchment areas and local community boundaries.
  • Absolutely any higher level comparison areas. We’ve provided data for all local authorities, local economic partnerships, metropolitan districts, rural-50 and rural-80 districts, core cities, travel-to-work areas and other economic geographies, rural settlements, ONS comparison groups, Output Area Classification categories, statistical neighbours, children services family groups, most similar Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, CIPFA comparators and many, many more.

There’s no catch, all this is included in the standard price. Just let us know what you  need when you order the Packs (and provide definitions for any areas we don’t yet know about), and we’ll deliver the data and updates direct into your system.

Data and Report Packs – now with added “Local Enterprise Partnership” data

The government announced the initial 24 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) at the end of October 2010 (with a nice interactive map). LEPs are locally-owned partnerships between local authorities and businesses, and will play a central role in determining economic priorities and driving economic growth and job creation in the local area. The OCSI data team have now added the definitions of all 24 LEPs as standard comparator areas to the Packs, with data available to all Data Packs users.

December 13th update Three more LEPs have now been announced – “New Anglia” covering Norfolk and Suffolk, the Black Country, and Worcestershire. Data Packs now includes data for all 27 LEPs.

Understanding “real” areas, not just local authority boundaries – cities, smaller settlements and economic geographies

Data is usually published for “administrative geographies”, such as local authorities, wards, parishes, Super Output Areas (LSOAs), and not much is published for areas that actually mean something in the real world. We’ve been working with a range of local authority teams and rural community councils to develop evidence for “real” areas including cities, towns and smaller villages (including our rural evidence project with a nice Google-maps front end), and economic geographies such as travel-to-work-areas.

We’ve now included all definitions for these “real” areas into the Packs, with data available to all users. And of course the Data and Report Packs also provide data for all standard administrative areas.

The full list of new and updated datasets and areas are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

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