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Sussex Community Foundation (SCF) commissioned OCSI to provide the quantitative data for their needs analysis report – Sussex Uncovered. This involved providing the data and commentary for key socio-economic themes that SCF highlighted as key focus areas for their grant-making.

In addition, we were asked to provide a public-facing version of Local Insight, to disseminate alongside the report and customised to align with the themes of the report.


SCF supplied OCSI with a series of questions,  relevant to a range of focus areas for the foundation; for example:

  • Do people on lower incomes experience poorer health?
  • What kind of jobs do people in Sussex do?
  • Do older people in Sussex suffer from social isolation and loneliness?

OCSI  reviewed the data landscape to identify what robust and relevant indicators were available under each of the identified themes. 

Once a set of indicators had been agreed, we then provided the data for a range of requested geographies including:

  • National and regional benchmarks
  • Counties
  • Districts
  • Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs)
  • Built up areas
  • Wards

Finally, we produced narrative summaries, identifying where:

  • Sussex areas differed from the national areas
  • There were highest levels of need for each of the different themes within Sussex


We provided:

  • A spreadsheet identifying the suggested set of indicators under each theme (with metadata)
  • Underlying data (including all time series and associated count data) in a CSV download for the requested geographies
  • Narrative analysis of the data to identify the themes and areas where Sussex experiences the greatest socio-economic challenges

Key findings include:

  • There is a 14.5 year age gap in male life expectancy and 18.9 year age gap in female life expectancy between the most deprived and least deprived areas in Sussex
  • There are seven neighbourhoods in Sussex where more than 40% of the population held no qualifications at all
  • There are 37,000 children living in poverty, which equates to 13.7% of children in Sussex – compared with 17% across England as a whole
  • People who live in the most deprived communities are ten times less likely to live in the greenest areas than people who live in the least deprived communities.

In addition, we provided a public facing version of Local Insight, which we customised to align with their Sussex Uncovered report. Customisations included:

  • Aligning the data themes and their indicators to the themes within the report
  • Adding custom geographies across Sussex
  • Uploading Local Authority level indicators that were included within the report
  • Generating profile reports for each of the custom geographies
  • Adding additional pages to provide users with guidance on how to use the site

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