Demography and migration Census 2021 data available in Local Insight

An illustration of a magnifying glass looking at a person - symbol of Census 2021

The Office for National Statistics (ONS)  has published small area Census 2021 data for Demography and Migration. 

We are pleased to say that the data is now live in Local Insight (within two days of release).  We have added or updated a total of 74 indicators to Local Insight:

  • Resident age and sex (3 indicators)
  • Household (1 indicator)
  • Number of Usual Residents in Households and Communal Establishments (1 indicator)
  • Legal Partnership Status (11 indicators)
  • Household Composition (14 indicators)
  • Households by Deprivation Dimensions (5 indicators)
  • Country of Birth (11 indicators)
  • Passports Held (17 indicators)
  • Length of Residence (4 indicators)
  • Age of Arrival in the UK (3 indicators)
  • Migrant Indicator (4 indicators).

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Explore Census 2021 data through our public site

We have added 22 indicators to our Census 2021 Local Insight site, so that you can view this data at LSOA, MSOA and local authority level on the map, as well as compare to 2011 data.

Access to more data and reports for your areas

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