Exploring how the Indices of Deprivation have been used

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Our development of the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) for the Department for Communities and Local Government for England is coming to a close, with the data & reports due to be published in September. As a new research intern working here my role is to support the update by researching how organisations and people have been and are using IMD data.

We want to analyse how different sectors are using the indices – commercial interests, analysts, think tanks and charities, politicians, the media, central and local government bodies and also individuals.

I’ll focus on the way the data was used, any data visualisations created and to what aim. We want to find stories in the data, so I’ll also be looking into case studies showcasing the variety of ways the indices are used.

We will publish our case studies, findings and data visualisations on a new IMD resource site. This will be a freely available site and a one-stop shop for anybody looking to find examples of how the Indices of Deprivation have been used; watch this space!

During these first few weeks I’ll mainly be gathering as much data as I can in the form of pictures and short notes and quotes about IMD in use. I’ll be surveying organisations that have used the indices to find out more about how they used the data and may conduct some interviews. So if you’re reading this and have anything to share about how you or your organisation use our data, please get in touch! I can be reached at paul.shanks@ocsi.co.uk



paul_shanks Paul Shanks has recently joined OCSI as the newest recruit to our living wage intern programme. Take a look at the team page to find out more about him and the rest of the team.


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