Data and resources for responses to COVID-19


Various organisations have been publishing data and resources to support the response to COVID-19. We have produced data downloads for small-area data that could help identify vulnerable communities and are adding new datasets that could help into our Local Insight tool, such as the vulnerability index from British Red Cross.

Beyond this, there are lots of other resources that are published at larger geographies that may be useful to use alongside the more granular data. As we come across these in our research, we will add them to the table below.

The table highlights relevant published data including data on the incidence and prevalence of the condition, geographic and demographic patterns, socio-economic impacts, presence of vulnerable groups and responses and actions.

This table does not hold the actual datasets, instead, it links to other websites from which the data is available. All of the datasets and resources included cover England, although many of the datasets may also cover Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If there are any useful resources that we have not included – please email and we will add them in.

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